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    Puppy and Dog Training Classes in Falkirk & West Lothian  

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    One to One training for Puppies & Dogs in Falkirk & West Lothian  

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    Only positive training methods used



Read some of the comments I have received from the mums and dads of dogs I have been lucky enough to meet.



Amber's mum wrote: 

"Just finished my first training with my puppy Amber, really enjoyed it and would highly recommend the classes. Looking forward to booking the advance classes and hopefully agility too maybe next year"

Cooper's mum wrote: 

"Absolutely brilliant classes. Cooper has learned a lot, and we had a lot of fun along the way too which is a bonus. Thank you so much!!"

Misha's mum wrote: 

"Misha my newfoundland puppy was a bit of a handful but with the fantastic guidance of Jill Misha is now responding well to training. What a difference in such a short time. Well done Jill and thanks for everything. Janet and Misha"

Lucy's mum wrote: 

"Fantastic training course we learned so much from Jill and our 9 month old cockapoo, Lucy had so much fun with the other dogs and her recall is improving every day thanks to Jill's training and advice. Thanks for everything."

Roxy's mum wrote: 

"Roxy graduated from puppy class today, I can’t quite believe how much she’s come on these last 4 weeks. She’s improved so much, and is so much better at listening to us! If anyone is swithering about whether to bring their puppy, I would highly recommend!"

Cosmo's mum wrote: 

"Such friendly and positive classes! Cosmo has made great progress over the 4 sessions and we now have techniques and skills to continue working on his confidence."

Brodie's mum wrote: 

"Jill came to us for one to one puppy advice to help train Brodie our 12 week old cocker spaniel... amazing difference in a week!! He's been brilliant with her help would definitely recommend. Looking forward to the classes with him now xx"

Trixie's gran wrote: 

"Just finished a puppy training course with our dog Trixie who has been a very demanding pup !!! What a difference with her Jill is always at hand when you need help even outside her classes . Jill is in this job for the love of dogs it certainly shines through. Would recommend simply pawsitive dog training highly . Jill’s mum Mary is always on hand as well lovely experience "


Jura's mum wrote: 

"Our puppy Springer, Jura, has just graduated from simply pawsitive dog training today. He has absolutely loved it! We have learned basic training which Jura has picked up very quick. Everything from training, tips, food advice and socialising with other pups in the class has all had a positive effect. We feel very lucky to have such a well behaved, fun loving, social little pup all thanks to Jill. We cannot thank you enough for everything you have taught us."


Brianna's mum wrote: 

"Really enjoyed the classes fab socialisation for the dogs and great training tips from Jill that are easy to put into practise. Our class enjoyed it so much that 4 of us signed up to all come along for the next intermediate puppy class together"


Chloe's mum wrote: 

"Our cocker spaniel, Chloe, loved Jill’s puppy class. Jill has great positive training methods which work! Highly recommend Jill . Chloe also loved socialising with all the other pups in her class too and has become a confident wee dog and very keen to learn."

Jasper's mum wrote: 

"We’ve had a ball the last 4 weeks while Jasper ( and us humans ) have learned loads.. it’s very clear that Jill loves what she does.. an excellent way to work on the basics of training a puppy"


Timo's mum wrote: 

"I attended the mixed age training class in May with my Romanian rescue dog Timo (at the start of the training I'd only had him for 2 weeks). The classes were very relaxed and great for socialising Timo with dogs and people; and created a greater bond between Timo and I. Jill and her Mum were very friendly and approachable, knowledgeable and clearly love the dogs. Callander Park was idyllic; we also had 4 x weeks of good weather. The training tools provided will give Timo more freedom off the leash and will hopefully keep him safe; and has given ideas on how to keep him mentally active. Would definitely recommend."

Winston's mum wrote: 

"Our puppy Winston joined the class 4 weeks ago at 16 weeks old. He is a cocker spaniel, very loving but very clingy boy. He didn't like to leave our side and didn't have any interest in any other dogs or humans for that matter. I invited Jill to the house to help before he attended the classes and after a few minutes he was sitting beside her. The last 4 weeks have supported Winston with socialisation, recall, sit and stay, dropping unwanted items that he has picked up, but most importantly helping to develop him into the little character he has become. I can not recommend Jill enough, it's all reward based training, and she is on the end of the phone for any puppy queries.... however random! Can't wait till Winston starts the advanced classes."

Max's mum wrote: 

"max graduated today from the advanced/ recall class and whilst he still has a bit to learn the training given by Jill was excellent . Lots of helpful tips and training techniques given which will give me the basis to work on at home with max. The class is small which means Jill is able to give each dog some individual attention and address individual issues. I would highly recommend these classes for anyone with a puppy ."

Remy's mum wrote: 

"Can't thank you enough for the help you gave us at the puppy classes with a very stubborn French Bulldog. Never did I think he'd be able to come back off the lead but he's came on leaps and bounds. 100% would recommend!"

Ellie's dad wrote: 

"Our Labrador Pup Ellie; attended the basic training class in September and the advanced class during October. Jill was a great instructor and a great 'Go to person' when any issues arose. Her help and guidance made a world of difference to Ellie's development and our ability to confidently grow with her. The classes were great fun and we are looking forward to the Agility classes in the Spring."

George's mum wrote: 

"Great training class.. George graduated today and is going to miss all his new friends!! Amazing and friendly trainers who provided fantastic training tips in a relaxed environment! George felt comfortable in all aspects of the classes and each week improved massively!!! Thank you"

Lucy's mum wrote: 

"Fantastic training course we learned so much from Jill and our 9 month old cockapoo, Lucy had so much fun with the other dogs and her recall is improving every day thanks to Jill's training and advice. Thanks for everything."

Maisie's mum wrote: 

'"Jill is friendly, patient, vigilant, very protective of her students. I've seen a difference in my 9 month old Pug in only two classes. I feel more confident too. Also the tit bits of advice that Jill gives during the class are really helpful. Well worth the very reasonable price."

Bailey's mum wrote: 

"Bailey graduated from puppy training today. So proud of how he has come on in the last couple of weeks. Great classes & very friendly people who made you feel welcomed. Would highly recommend going. A big thank you to Jill for all your help and tips"


Tarkek's dad wrote: 

"Tarek graduated from puppy training today. Loved the positive training methods. Really seeing great improvements. Well worth the chilly Sunday mornings."

Django's mum wrote: 

"Just finished the beginners puppy course with my dachshund puppy Django. We both thoroughly enjoyed it and we've learned a lot that we will continue to work on. Lovely friendly atmosphere in class!"

Hooch's mum wrote: 

"Hooch has enjoyed his classes & loved his other wee puppy pals he met. Defo reccomend simply pawsitive! Jill is brilliant"

Darcy's mum wrote: 

"We had our last lesson today and the change in Darcy in such a short space of time is incredible. Loved the class, Jill has such a positive attitude and an enthusiasm no matter the weather(!) There was no judgement for having a puppy who jumps up or displays selective deafness when distracted by other interesting things (dogs, people, mud, leaves...) just helpful advice and tips for getting the response from Darcy that I was looking for. I am really looking forward to joining the agility class in the new year!"

Daisy's mum wrote: 

"Daisy and I had great fun and we have been learning loads of great training advice. Have experienced different puppy classes and numerous dog trainers in the past and this is the first time I have enjoyed so much and have been looking forward to each week!"

Jensons mum wrote: 

"your early training definitely paid off today. Jenson got hold if an injured magpie and was running about with it, but stopped when told and dropped it on he command "leave it" so the ground work has been fab."

Tommy's mum wrote: 

"great class, thanks for all your help with Tommy, he now seems much calmer around other dogs"


Isla's mum wrote: 

"Isla and I went along to the June classes and we both really enjoyed them. Lots of very helpful advice and tips and Isla is now reaping the benefits (as am I). Always got my treats and whistle!!! on hand and will keep practising what we were shown by Jill. Isla is now much less wary around other dogs. Thoroughly recommend Jill and her classes. Thanks Jill x"

Leia's mum wrote: 

"Leia had a great time today at our 1 2 1 session.... shes been a sleepy girl ever since! Ellas home now n we r gonna have some fun with our whistles n treats! Thanks so much will highly recommend!! Xxxx."

Casper's dad wrote: 

"Excellent training and class. Casper is much improved. Highly recommended a definite must for all dog lovers. Thank you."

Izzy's mum wrote: 

"Izzy, the miniature Yorkshire Terrier and I attended one of Jill's June classes, what a difference this has made with Izzy. Izzy was a very nervous wee dog and she is so much more confident. I now have the treats to hand when on walks and get Izzy to focus on those rather than what other dogs are doing! I know that being a wee dog she must feel a bit overwhelmed with other dogs, but Jill's training gave us so many ideas and tips, I can't recommend Jill enough. I look forward to expanding further on what we have learnt in the September class. Thanks Jill, Izzy and Karen"

Krystal's mum wrote: 

"Krystal and I attended the training classes in Falkirk. Jill, the instructor, really knows her stuff! I loved that it was all positive training. Krystal was bad about jumping on people before the classes. Once Jill showed me how to get her to stop it I was amazed at how simple it was to do. Krystal learned the signal so quickly! The only bad part about the class is that it had to end. You could really tell that Jill cared about the dogs and their progress. Would highly recommend this class!"

Whisky's mum wrote: 

"Whisky resting after a tiring activity course which Jill made him do in rain! Thanks for such a great course and giving me the confidence to let him off the lead. Book me in for another advance course when space available please x"

Travis's mum wrote: 

"Really good doing advanced class going to practice leave with peanut butter sandwiches lol x"

Boris's mum wrote: 

"Myself and my 5 month old Labradoodle (Boris) attended the training and thought it was fab. Jill gives great training tips and encourages you to practice what you've learned at home. Boris is now fab at his sit n stays and his recall to the whistle is excellent. Thanks Jill."

Lexie's mum wrote: 

"Thanks Gill. We really enjoyed all the tips and it was lovely to meet all the other lovely puppies & owners. A great class and I would recommend it to anyone x"

Alfie's mum wrote: 

"Great evening of one-to-one training for Alfie-pup ... proud of how much my boy learned and how much he enjoyed learning 🙂 Thank you Jill"

Belle's mum commented:

"Really enjoyed the puppy class thank you.  Took Belle out with the Gencon lead so impressed what a difference it makes. Thank you"

Walter and Elsa mum and dad said: 

 “Overall, we're delighted with the way things are going and will continue to use the training methods you have shown us - it's amazing what such simple methods can do to achieve a change in our dogs behaviour.”

Kai's dad wrote: 

“WHAT an improvement”

Mycroft's mum wrote: 

"Me and Mycroft are gutted that this week is the last class – we’ve had so much fun and learned loads so thank you very much."

Travis's mum wrote: 

"We've loved the classes with Travis & met some great other puppies & owners to. Will miss our sunday outing but will keep practicing what we've learnt."

Whisky's mum wrote: 

"Whisky and I had a great time too - met lots of nice people and pups. Hopefully Whisky will continue to improve before our next class."

Bella's mum wrote: 

"Hi Jill just wanted to say we were up north for a holiday this week and Bella was off the lead! As we were in a quiet place but unfortunately we did bump into 2 people out walking Bella took fright and ran away but we whistled on her and she came bombing through the woods. Was great to see as she was so far away she wouldn't have heard us shout. Thanks Jill"

Leo's mum wrote:

"really pleased with Leo s performance thank you"

Ben's mum wrote:

"Your a miracle maker.  Ben walking fabulous with Glencon much much easier to manage. makes walking a pleasure.  Also working on whistle he almost every time, coming back to us when we blow this."

Cooper's mum commented: 

"Thank you so much for your training tonight, Cooper has gone in his crate and I am up stairs wow what can I say.  Once again a big thank you for all your guidance tonight Kathleen."

Some More Feedback:


"Jill is lovely, approachable,great with dogs and owners too. She's really helpful" 

"Jill is always committed and professional. She texts to remind me of classes. She's good value for money and I've recommended her to others"

"I've got a boisterous white german shepherd. Since training with Jill he'd been very obedient and a totally changed dog."

"Jills's training methods are good. We're happy with how are dog has taken to training." 

"Jill is a really nice person, very helpful and very friendly. She knows her stuff and helps when you need it." 

"Jill is very friendly and good with dogs. Can always ask her for information if struggling with your pet and she will take her time to go over anything you want her to. Her classes are fun for both dog and owner, good fitness when doing agility classes. Very family friendly classes" 

"My life wouldn't be what it is without Jill. Everyone comments on how well behaved my dog is." 

"Jill is down to earth and very considerate about the dogs and their owners. Her class sizes are the perfect size. I learned lots in a short space of time. My dog is transformed." 

"Jill tailored the class to suit the individual dog. She was friendly, welcoming and follow up questions were never a problem." 

"Simply Pawsitive was the only option for me when it came to training my puppy. We opted to partake in 1 on 1 lessons and group classes. 

The information, training techniques were easy and fun to learn and now everyone comments on how well trained my dog is. 

The service was excellent value for money and have recommended to all I know when I hear that a new puppy is imminent. 

I cannot thank Jill enough as the techniques are now an integral part of mine and Mycroft's daily routine." 

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