Dog & Puppy Training in Falkirk, Scotland

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    Puppy and Dog Training Classes in Falkirk

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    One to One training for Puppies & Dogs in Falkirk & West Lothian  

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    ADTB Approved Instructor

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    Only positive training methods used

One to One Dog and Puppy Training Course


Can’t attend classes, but feel your dog or puppy would benefit from ongoing support?  Simply Pawsitive offer an ongoing one to one training course, with three separate lesson, each lasting around 90 minutes.


What does the one to one dog and puppy training course cover?

Training can be tailored to meet the needs of you dog or puppy.  Unlike our individual one to one training sessions, this course is made up of several lessons, spread over a few days or weeks.  This allows you to practice with your dog between lessons, and is appropriate if your dog or puppy needs a little extra help.  

What Will Your Dog or Puppy Learn at the One to One Training?

Training can be tailored to meet the needs of your dog or puppy.  Generally, these sessions cover:

Coming back when called

Not jumping up

Walking nicely on a lead

Good manners with visitors to your home

Helping nervous dogs


If your having any issues you’d like to cover, get in touch to discuss personalized one to one training sessions

Teaching You How to Train Your Puppy

Simply Pawsitive one to one training sessions focus on building the foundations of dog and puppy training, and teaching you the techniques and skills to continue.  

There are no secrets, no hidden tricks, to our methods. By the end of the session, you will know the positive training techniques needed to teach your dog or puppy new skills.

This three session course costs £120, with each session lasting around 90 minutes. Training will take place at Callendar Park Falkirk or the Helix Falkirk.  It is possible to meet at other parks or your home but due increasing petrol costs additional travel costs will apply.

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