Dog & Puppy Training in Falkirk, Scotland

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    Puppy and Dog Training Classes in Falkirk

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    One to One training for Puppies & Dogs in Falkirk & West Lothian  

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    ADTB Approved Instructor

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    Only positive training methods used

About Us


I'm Jill and if you come to any Simply Pawsitive training classes or one-to-one training, I will be your trainer.

I have always had dogs and an interest in dog training. Over the years I’ve been to many dog training classes and the found that the quality of lessons varied a lot. I decided to stop going to these classes and train my dogs myself.

When my dog training moved from hobby to business I was surprised to discover dog trainers do not need to meet any requirements, nor are they regulated.

I decided to undertake training with a professional dog training school to ensure I used up to date training methods, as well as to reassure owners that I had studied dog training and had sufficient knowledge and skills to be an approved dog trainer.  I undertook both theory and practical exams with the Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour (ADTB)

I only use postive reward based training


Simply Pawsitive only ever uses positive training methods, which uses rewards for good behaviour to built a healthy bond between dog and owner.

Many dog trainers use negative reinforcement in their training, although few would use this term. Negative reinforcement uses the idea that dogs must dominated and tightly controlled to ensure that they are properly trained.  Negative training is quite an old fashioned method, which involves using force and fear to get an animal to follow instructions.

Even today, negative training proves popular. Some dog trainers encourage owners to believe that dogs must be dominated and shown who is boss. Dog owners are encouraged to shout at, to strike, to drag by the neck, to get their pet to respect them and follow their instruction. Its an outdated practice, based on flawed ideas.

Positive training methods are different. We teach the dog that following instructions comes with a reward. At first this might be a small treat, or even just positive attention. The dog comes to associate following instructions with a feeling of being loved and appreciated. Dogs learn much more quickly through this method and the bond between pet and owner develops into a more positive one, where your dog behaves because they respect you rather than just being afraid of you.

I'm proud to say that I only use positive methods in my training classes and will never allow the use of intimidation, choke-chains or other cruel methods.

Yellow Ribbon Approved Dog Trainer.

I fully support and promote the Space Dogs Yellow Ribbon Campaign.  The aim of the Space Dogs Yellow Ribbon Campaign is to have a visible sign that some dogs would appreciate a little space, this can mean from both dogs and/or people, a yellow ribbon is worn on the lead to signify this.