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Dog & Puppy Training in Falkirk, Scotland

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    Puppy and Dog Training Classes in Falkirk & West Lothian  

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    One to One training for Puppies & Dogs in Falkirk & West Lothian  

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    ADTB Approved Instructor

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    Only positive training methods used

One to One Puppy Training


Simply Pawsitive offers one to one dog training sessions within the Falkirk and West Lothian areas.  Unlike dog training classes, one to one training means I spend a minimum of two hours with you and your dog.

One to One sessions are completely based on you and your dogs needs, personalised for you.

What Will Your Puppy Learn at the One to One Training?

Just a few things I can help with at One to One training sessions:

  • Recall
  • Pulling on Lead
  • Jumping up
  • Good Door Manners
  • Nervous Dogs

One to One training sessions can take place at your home or at a local park, depending on what training help you require.

Teaching You How to Train Your Puppy

Unlike on some TV shows, at the one to one training sessions I will not train your dog for you, but instead teach you how to train your dog. This ensures that your dog responds to you and you can build your relationship together.  By spending time with your dog practicing, the dog training commands you will build the bond and trust between you.

I do not believe in the old fashioned dominance method of dog training.  This has been proven to be unsuccessful.  All the dog training methods I use are fun for both you and your dog.  However, I do not offer a quick fix - after the one to one training session, you should continue using the methods taught to ensure that your dog continues to learn.

Whilst Simply Pawsitive do not offer a behaviourist service, we offer a common sense approach to help your dog learn.  If, after discussing your dogs needs before I visit, I feel you need the services of a behaviourist I will recommend this.

The cost of a two hour one to one training session is £50.  There is free ongoing support by phone and email.

Do You Want a Well Trained Dog?

Does Your Dog Pull on the Lead?

Dog and Puppy Training Areas

Class Availability: Spaces available in classes starting Sunday 3rd March puppy classes and any age of dog training classes.